Halong Bay

If joining Halong bay tours on first day of Lunar year (from february), you will have chance to participate in the most famous festival in Quang Ninh province - Yen Tu Festival.Yen Tu Festival commences annually on the 10th day of the first lunar month and lasts for three months. Tens of thousands of pilgrims begin their journey to the uppermost shrine after a solemn ritual held at the base of Yen Tu Mountain.Yen Tu festivalDuring the festival, the people near and far flock to Yen Tu which was regarded as the Buddhist land to show their belief and aspiration or to get rid of all sorrows and sadness. Many cultural and historical values are carefully preserved in Yen Tu, where is also home to a rare ecosystem in Vietnam.Pilgrims flock to Yen Tu Festival by cable systermPeople trek to Yen Tu PagodaIn the wide ensemble of vestiges in Yen Tu, there are 11 pagodas and hundreds of shrines and towers. At the top, after having burned joss-sticks, you seem to be lost in nature somewhere between the sky and the earth. When clear, you can perceive almost all of the northeast area from here.Source : https://www.halong-bay-tours.com/travel-guide/things-to-do/yen-tu-festival-the-pilgrims-journey-to-the-buddhist-land.html

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