Autumn colors in Hanoi Old Quarter

Just to autumn, Hanoi was promptly put on her a glamorous gown. Time as stops to catch the autumn quietly through the old town, surfing on moss roof and leaving behind a carpet of rustling yellow leaves. Sky is full of nostalgia.

Road with yellow leaves in Hanoi
I have sometimes come to Hanoi on the balmy autumn day, and tiny indescribable emotions are always in my mind. Perhaps no place on this S-shaped land you can feel the autumn beauty gentle and so deep as Hanoi autumn. Space is outlined by blue color of the sky, sunshine, golden leaves, and the pristine white of "Ao Dai" dress flying on windy afternoon.
Hanoi autumn afternoon
The fall is a priceless gift nature has given to this thousands of years land, and then only once of coming is a thousand times of missing. I love the early morning of wandering on the old streets and seeing a new day. On early morning, the streets are too quite and peace. Morning market is crowded by sisters preparing her full burden of "Cốm Làng Vòng", fresh fruits of autumn to go to all Hanoi streets.
Through the ups and downs, Hanoi remains unique ancient features with old houses, streets, alleys intertwined like a chessboard. 36 Hanoi streets in autumn, yellow leaves fall on moss roofs, stretch down the road. Narrow ancient streets with very special names: Hang Duong, Hang Bong, Hang Trong, Hang Than ... are always bustling with tourists. Between these old houses picturesque,pretty and romantic small cafes are ideal stops to admire beauty of Hanoi streets.
Bikes loaded with yellow sunflowers
Hoan Kiem Lake
I love wandering the streets, watching the bikes loaded with yellow sunflowers as carrying the autumn. I also love a magical Sword lake immersing yellow colors of the autumn, and windy autumn nights when I am immersed in sweet fragrance of blackboard tree's flowers on Nguyen Du street.
Blackboard tree flowers
Only by wandering around in the night, you can feel all the beauty of Hanoi old Quarters. Leaving noisy, narrowness and dusty, now streets come back its taciturn and ancient appearance. Somewhere in street, love songs of guitars sound deeply and quitely. The memories of a far away time awake, still filled and full of emotion as ever. The dry soul suddenly seemed to be transformed into poets who know and love deeply autumn's cold mist.
This time, Hanoi begins autumn season. To have full emotions of Hanoi autumn, you should soon book Vietnam tour offered by Vietnam Tour Booking. Wish you have a memorable autumn in Hanoi Old Quaters.
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Halong Bay

If joining Halong bay tours on first day of Lunar year (from february), you will have chance to participate in the most famous festival in Quang Ninh province - Yen Tu Festival.Yen Tu Festival commences annually on the 10th day of the first lunar month and lasts for three months. Tens of thousands of pilgrims begin their journey to the uppermost shrine after a solemn ritual held at the base of Yen Tu Mountain.Yen Tu festivalDuring the festival, the people near and far flock to Yen Tu which was regarded as the Buddhist land to show their belief and aspiration or to get rid of all sorrows and sadness. Many cultural and historical values are carefully preserved in Yen Tu, where is also home to a rare ecosystem in Vietnam.Pilgrims flock to Yen Tu Festival by cable systermPeople trek to Yen Tu PagodaIn the wide ensemble of vestiges in Yen Tu, there are 11 pagodas and hundreds of shrines and towers. At the top, after having burned joss-sticks, you seem to be lost in nature somewhere between the sky and the earth. When clear, you can perceive almost all of the northeast area from here.Source :

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